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Meet Greg. (This is he with his fiancee, Edmonds & McKinlay photographer Katie Edmonds.)

On weekdays, he runs a not-for-profit organization called Students Offering Support. When he’s not running SOS, Greg secretly LOVES weddings and loves being a part of the wedding story-telling process. So much so that he makes mini-movies out of them! He does 2-3 per year and mostly does them for fun so offers them for wayyyy cheaper than people who do it full time.

If you’re interested in adding wedding video to your photography package, he will join us for the day, interview your friends and family and put together an 8-9 minute vignette of your day, set to your favourite songs.

Here are some examples:

The price for the video when purchased with a photography package is $1750 (HST included.)

If you’re interested in adding a video to your photography package, let us know! 🙂