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Golden Hour in High Park

Believe it or not these were actually taken in winter in High Park. We abandoned our coats pretty quickly and enjoyed an unusually spring-like afternoon soaking up the warmth of the day. Jennifer and Anthony were actually hoping to do a wintery shoot in the wilderness, however the unusually high temperatures led us into High Park in Toronto where we still managed to capture a bit of ‘wilderness’.


The sun was sensationally warm for this perfectly dreamy maternity shoot. It was a great reminder for me about the value of trying to plan shoots during the ‘golden hour’ of light. Although it’s not always possible, or necessarily always the desired type of lighting depending on the type of shoot, it worked out perfectly for the style of photos Jennifer and Anthony were hoping for.  They were so cozy and content with one another in their oh-so-exciting season of waiting for their first baby to arrive.  Even though it ended up working out differently than planned, we couldn’t have imagined a better day for this shoot!

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