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About Katie Edmonds (@KatieEdmonds1):

About Blythe McKinlay (@BKrogevoll):

Katie EdmondsI have a passion for telling stories  – in print or through photography. I started my work in the field as a journalist for a small newspaper near Waterloo, ON. Quickly I learned that a story isn’t NEARLY as compelling without a great photo to accompany it, so I borrowed my Mum’s camera and started learning by trial and error. After a number of attempts at capturing breaking news (getting the lighting just right while a crime scene is unfolding in front of you is harder than it looks!) I turned my interest towards capturing the moments that people really want to remember.Now, nothing makes me happier than hearing from my clients that I was able to capture a moment just as they remembered it, or that my photo showed someone as they truly were. I love getting to know someone and being able to photograph them in their best light, and if you like what you see on our website, I’d love to do the same for you. – Katie Katie EdmondsI love photography because of the science and art behind it. I love calculating with light and camera equipment to see the big picture of the situation and the tiny details that help bring it all together. I love the art of observing and maneuvering my clients in ways that feel and look natural, but also tell a story. I started taking photos when I was in High School – I got hooked on trying to capture my friends and family in unique expressions and moments that told a story about who they were. A number of years later – in 2006 – I got into wedding photography because I wanted to take my passion and skill to the next level: photographing meaningful events for others. My photos stand out from others’ because they are natural, genuine moments that highlight a person’s personality, character, and beauty, and I would love to do the same for you and the people you love. – Blythe